Any surface in contact with sea water is exposed to fouling, developing in stages from slime, to algae and  barnacles. As the it develops, the fouling extends and gets harder.

E. Polipodio has a highly skilled technical team who can provide support services about fouling problems  to a wide range of clients across several industries.

Our engineers can help with troubleshooting for many Maker’s equipment and they are responsible for prioritizing and managing the workflow to resolution.

Our engineering activities include technical support at any level:

– Design for new projects

– Fouling problems evaluation on existing structures

– Material and process selection

– Testing and experimentation

– Certification

Periodic technical assistance on site is another important activity of our technical service team since continuous monitoring of the antifouling systems is critical in order to proactively identify issues before they occur and  extend system lifetime.

The wide range of antifouling systems and components available in E. Polipodio’s product portfolio allows our technical office to  propose the most suitable solution in solving fouling problems and in finding the optimum  cost effective option.