Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) means an anti-fouling system used for the prevention of biofouling accumulation in internal seawater cooling systems and sea chests and includes  the use of copper anodes.

More recently it has been developed an electrochlorination system named EcoFonp , based on the principle of sea water electrolysis: part of the salt in the sea water is converted into sodium hypochlorite to act as a disinfectant to the organic material in the sea water suctioned by the on board pumps.

Ultrasonic antifouling systems use digital electronics and ultrasonic transducer technology, that works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves simultaneously with low energy, thus avoiding the biofilm initial attachment.

Any surface in contact with sea water is exposed to fouling, developing in stages from slime, to algae and  barnacles. E. Polipodio has a highly skilled technical team who can provide support services about fouling problems  to a wide range of clients across several industries.